Are you a true metal warrior?

Are you a true and real metalhead and metalwarrior or brother/sister of metal or a poser/faker. This quiz will tell you. So take it to find out. It will actually determine it.

There are many posers today online, but today is your day to see what you are. Today you can go and try it out. Take the test. Only people who have been familiar with metal.

Created by: SepulturaRoots
  1. Do you like heavy metal? (Lying just makes you a faker!)
  2. Onto the 1980s, what do you see as NOT heavy metal at all from the 1980s? (Hint is it was criticized by Dee Snider and Manowar said it's what they classify as [false metal].)
  3. Define metal
  4. First metal band
  5. Metal leader
  6. A metalhead is a(n)
  7. All metalheads pray to satan or are evil or dress fashion
  8. Which of these bands/artists is the most heavy metal?
  9. Pioneers of thrash metal
  10. Which of these bands returned the popularity of heavy metal?
  11. What style is Pantera?
  12. Who pioneered death metal?
  13. What bands do you dislike the music of?
  14. King Diamond...
  15. Which genre is Cradle of Filth?
  16. First black metal band
  17. Head banging
  18. What's a metal poser?
  19. A real metalheads dresses and listens to what he or she wants

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Quiz topic: Am I a true metal warrior?