How Much Do You Really Know About Slipknot?

This quiz is testing how well you really know the band, Slipknot. It is all real information and I confirmed it on a couple of websites. After each test result, I have some sort of information that you might have encountered during the quiz. Reading that information, you might be able to see what you have got wrong and if you take it again, you might be able to correct it.

Are you a "Slipknot Genius"? Do you really know all about this kick ass band? Take this quiz and you will found out truly if you are. Much love to you true maggots!

Created by: Amanda
  1. How many members are in Slipknot?
  2. What type of music does Slipknot play?
  3. How many people play CUSTOM percussion?
  4. How many singles have they released?
  5. How many albums have they released?
  6. All but one of the members are from Iowa, who is the member that isn't?
  7. Which member formed the band Murderdollz?
  8. What song is this lyric from? "I can't stand to see your Thalidomide robot face Don't even try it You had to be a liar Just to infiltrate me I'm still drowning"
  9. What year did Slipknot first form in?
  10. What's the name of their first album?
  11. Joey Jordison is the lead drummer. Who was the lead drummer before him?
  12. Before Slipknot was named "Slipknot", they went by three other names. Which one is not one them?
  13. In what year did they sign onto Roadrunner Records?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Really Know About Slipknot?