How much do you know about Slipknot?

Slipknot knowledge. Pretty self explanitory but ill give some feedback. This quiz will test your knowledge of everything Slipknot and you might even learn somethings from it.

ARE YOU A MAGGOT!!! Do you scream into your comb trying to mimic Coreys incredible vocals!!! Soon you will realize if you have what it takes to ve a true maggot!!!

Created by: Geoff

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  1. What does the number 742617000027 mean?
  2. When is Corey Taylors birthday?
  3. How many tattoos does Joey Jordison have?
  4. What other band is Joey Jordison in and what does he play in that band?
  5. What other band is Shawn Chahan in?
  6. Who is number 8?
  7. What song is this describing? angry song in retaliation of a Des Moines radio station, video was banned from MTV due to its violent undertonnes
  8. "The goat, for us, is an image that's stuck in our heads since we were kids, coming from Iowa people are like 'Beware the horned goat of satan!' and all that. It's bulls---. It's just an animal." Who said this?
  9. "Once in grade school, we were watching a movie with the lights out and I puked all over my desk. I was so freaked out that I tried to scoop it all up in my arms. It ruled, though, because it caused a 'vomitory'-three or four other people puked." Who sai
  10. Amps- Rivera Knucklehead Reverb EL34 Rivera Celestion G12T75-loaded K412 speaker cabinets Who uses these in Slipknot?
  11. Who is Greg Welts?
  12. What does (sic) stand for?
  13. Who is #5
  14. Im a ____ of your _______ fill in the blanks
  15. Killers are Quiet is from which album?
  16. Whoes nickname is "Superball" and real name is Nathan Jonas?
  17. Who said this in an interview? "We aren't hiding behind these masks, we're actually revealing more to you than you might think. The mask I wear brings out all the s--- inside me that I hate. Plus it hurts like hell, which helps my intensity." "If you fe
  18. Who was part of the band Anal Blast before joining Slipknot?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Slipknot?