Think you know Slipknot?

This is a quiz I made about Slipknot. (Kind of obvious.) The reason I made the quiz is beacuse Im a HUGE Slipknot fan and I was wondering if anyone else was.

Anyways, are you a genius when it comes to Slipknot trivia? Take the quiz to find out. Even if your not a total Slipknot prodigy you should still have fun. Do your best but No cheating! Good-luck!

Created by: Tina

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  1. Do you think you know about Slipknot?
  2. What does the term 'maggot' describe when referring to Slipknot?
  3. Which of these people are NOT a member of Slipknot?
  4. Who are the two percusionists in Slipknot?
  5. How many members are in the band Slipknot?
  6. Who has the number 1?
  7. What is the name of Slipknots brand of clothing?
  8. What was Slipknot's first official album?
  9. Which of these is NOT a slipknot Song?
  10. What state did Slipknot come from?
  11. So, now that the quiz is coming to an end, are you confident that you answered most of the questions correctly?

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