Are you a slipknot fan?

There are many Slipknot fans. But a few people that are true fans. they know everything about slipknot. They feed off of slipknots music. they need it to live. And would die without it. Do you think you are a true slipknot fan?

Are you a TRUE slipknot fan? Do you know everything about slipknot? If you are then this quiz will prove it. This quiz will tell you if you are truly a slipknot fan. Or if your just a poser.

Created by: killersarequiet666

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  1. What was the name of slipknots first album?
  2. What is a "maggot"
  3. How many members are in slipknot right now?
  4. Who is the lead singer of slipknot?
  5. What guitar does Mick Thomson use?
  6. What song is not a song from slipknot?
  7. What two band members are in slipknot and stone sour?
  8. What is Corey Taylors nick name is slipknot?
  9. Who is 133 MHz?
  10. Who is slipknots drummer?
  11. Last question. If your 555 then im...

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Quiz topic: Am I a slipknot fan?