How slipknot are you?

Many people say they are slipknot fans but few are.Take this quiz to find out if your a maggot or a poser.Posers are the people who go around saying oh look at me im a slipknot fan.True maggots dont do that in public.Thats just emberassing.True maggots will show their fanhood in the pit.

Are you a maggot?Can you pass this quiz and prove that you are a maggot?If you are a true maggot then you are worthy of taking this quiz.If your not i suggest you dont even try this quiz cause you'll just end up being emberassed.

Created by: kyle

  1. What genre of music is slipknot
  2. What is slipknots record label?
  3. How many members are in slipknot?
  4. Who is the lead singer of slipknot?
  5. Which one of these is not a slipknot influence?
  6. Who did Joey Jordison work with?
  7. Where was corey originally from?
  8. Who is number 3?
  9. Which slipknot song started with the words "This is the year where hope fails you...."
  10. Where was slipknot created

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Quiz topic: How slipknot am I?