Which rock star are you?

So, you think you know music and you are embarking on a career as a rockstar. This quiz takes you back in time to a place when it was cool to dig the screaming riffs of electric guitars. If you are not familiar with music from the seventies or eighties, you better keep an active search browser opened.

Find out if you've got what it takes to be a "God of Thunder" or if you will amount to nothing more than a "poser". Put on your bangle bracelets and spandex and get started.

Created by: Mikealle Hunt
  1. Who sang "White Wedding"?
  2. What is the name of the singer who sang "Talk Dirty To Me?"
  3. Who sang "Eighteen and Life"?
  4. What band sang the song "Shout At the Devil"?
  5. Which band sang the original version of "Walk This Way"?
  6. Which band sang "Mr. Roboto"?
  7. Which band sang "The Boys Are Back In Town"?
  8. Which band had an album titled "Slippery When Wet"?
  9. Which band sang the song "More Than Words"?
  10. Which band sang the song "One"?

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Quiz topic: Which rock star am I?