I Created this quiz randomly ok? quiz please!!!

If you really like rock music,this is the quiz for you! Determine wether you are Ozzy Osbourne,Kurt Cobain,Billie Joe Armstrong...etc Please answer honestly.

So,are YOU a fan of rock music? Which style do you prefer? Metal? Heavy Metal,Power Metal or Black Metal? Alternative Rock? Punk Rock? Indie? Grunge? Old Rock?

Created by: Me of me34
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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. You have one passion and you swear by it.
  2. You like singing and you write songs with deep lyrics.
  3. a)You're unexpected b) You're an "all time classic"
  4. What colour is your hair? (naturally)
  5. What instrument do you play?
  6. Are you American?
  7. Do you know who Jimmi Hendrix is?
  8. Are you a punk?
  9. What is the Black Sabbath cross?
  10. Which kind of music do you prefer?

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