This is a quiz about metal. There are serious answers, and there are joke amswers. It took some time so enjoy it and do good. If you like metal, commemt.

Metal!Metal!METAL! Its all about metal. Not pop, or emo, or Lebron. Its about metal. Love it or not take da quiz. It is the best genre ever. Please enjoy.

Created by: LA24Kobe
  1. To start off, Who is the first metal band?
  2. Which is not metal?
  3. What song is not by Winterstorm(Folk Metal)?
  4. Who created "Black Metal"?
  5. First Metal Song
  6. What is black metal about vocal wise?
  7. Power Metal Band
  8. Do Metal Genres have certain vocal topics?
  9. Who is Nightwish
  10. Is all metal fast?
  11. Slowest Metal
  12. The Final Question What do metalheads listen to?

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