What alternative type are you?

Many people will get the outcome they want. And many won't. But don't worry, be yourself, and be happy. I hope you enjoy taking this quiz as much as I.

So you think you're this or that? Find out here if you're Goth, Punk, Metal, Old style Hippie, or Modern Hippie. It's only 15 answers away! Have fun!

Created by: Trey

  1. Hobbies?
  2. Bands/Artists?
  3. Style?
  4. Necklace?
  5. Hat?
  6. Role Model?
  7. Political views?
  8. Religion?
  9. Favorite drinks?
  10. Favorite Store?
  11. Favorite Music Genre?
  12. Do you play an instrument?
  13. You would never be complete without....?

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Quiz topic: What alternative type am I?