Are you a metalhead?

There are some true metal heads out there, but many posers. You must learn the difference between emo and metal. I hate it when people mistake death mental for screamo.

Are you a metalhead?? Are you a beginner? Are you EMO? Are you a 13 year old girl sitting at a computer trying to be edgy? No matter who you are, metal is for everyone.

Created by: Emily

  1. What list out of the following contain your favorite bands/artists?
  2. How many metal subgenres to you know?
  3. Favorite Metallica album?
  4. What band created metal?
  5. Varg Vikernes?
  6. Favorite BVB album?
  7. Are you emo?
  8. Ozzy or Dio?
  9. Opinions on metallicas " self destruct"?
  10. Look up the band "Insomnium"

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Quiz topic: Am I a metalhead?