what heavy metal band are you in

This quiz is to see if you love heavy metal music or if you hate heavy metal music hopefully you like heavy metal music and if do like heavy metal this quiz is for you

Are you a Heavy metal rocker? do you have enough courage to take on this awesome rocking quiz? until now you could only wonder.but thanks to this quiz and heavy metal music,you will find out

Created by: Jay

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are you in a real band....Be honest
  2. Do you like heavy metal music....Be honest
  3. What type of heavy metal music do you like....Be honest
  4. do you like tattoos or ear,lip,nose,eyebrow,tounge rings
  5. which do you play
  6. Which heavy metal singer do you like best
  7. What heavy metal symbol do you like the best
  8. Do you go to metal concerts...be honest
  9. do you drink beer or any other alcoholic drinks/do you do drugs
  10. whats your favorite thing about heavy metal

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Quiz topic: What heavy metal band am I in