The Power Of Metal Compells Thee!

Now, this is a pretty basic quiz. I could have gone on forever with all kinds of Metal questions, however any metal patriot will find this extremely easy and be finished in seconds and be back to moshing before you know it!

Now, are you going to take the damn quiz or not? Find out are you METAL!!! YEAH!! ^^ anyways, whatever the result, THE POWER OF METAL COMPELLS THEE!! Metal shalt save thee!

Created by: emma
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  1. Korn. Enough said
  2. Okay okay okay, my apologies (or do I really apologise???) Anyhoo, now, who'd Taylor replace?
  3. Who is the God Of f---? (after this, I promise we'll be back to metal)
  4. Last of this kinda question. Who is the Great Big Mouth???
  5. Which Of These Is NOT- I repeat, NOT- a Meshuggah album? and I'm just referring to which COULD be album names!
  6. 1349
  7. Correct the spelling:
  8. This quiz totally sucked. I hope:
  9. Which of these albums came out in 1991?
  10. Which of these is not a real genre? (but could be if someone made it up!)

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