How Metal Are You?... Really?

Someone who is Metal knows the true value of coolness when they see it. They understand that some things in life are just not cool, while other things deserve the undivided attention of radness. They know good music, good food, and good all around life decisions.

This quiz tests your Metal prowess in life decisions, music, food, and even the Power Rangers. Take it now, or you will forever be doomed to listening to boy bands, eating cherios, and watching reruns of PGA golf tournaments.

Created by: Amanda

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  1. If you were given a choice between singing for a band or screaming for a band... which one would you do?
  2. Speaking your mind is Metal
  3. The most Metal snack is
  4. The most Metal of all ancient people is...
  5. In your opinion, which song is most Metal out of this list?
  6. Being Metal is a state of mind, not a personality trait.
  7. Being Validictorian of your graduating class is Metal.
  8. Pro Wrestling today is Metal.
  9. Pick one dvd out of this list that you think is most Metal.
  10. Favorite Color...
  11. Pick a music fest!
  12. Pick a genre of Metal...
  13. Pick a Power Ranger...

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Quiz topic: How Metal am I?... Really?