How to know that u well be rich when u grow up

Just remember to always be positive and always believing yourself and you will become rich all on your own just the thought in your mind like just the word in your mind the word prosperity and happiness is really goodand having good dreams in water is in your dreams that means that positiveness happiness is already in you

I remember I was 11 when I start having beautiful dreams about me being happy and there was water and now today and had an x-ray now I'm going to be 14 and February and I am I making money inviting YouTube movies I'm really happy

Created by: Bayleigh rose

  1. Do u have a money making career in mine
  2. Are you a positive person
  3. Are you a negative person
  4. Do u believe in God
  5. Are you the smartest person in ur class
  6. Dose ur name have a lot of letters in it
  7. Are u already rich
  8. Do u appreciate the things u have already
  9. do you believe in dreams come true
  10. are your parents supportive of you

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