how rich are you

this quiz you are about to take will tell you whether you are rich or not. go through the questions and answer each one truthfully in order for us to decide whether you rich or not.

do you own a computer? well you do if your about to take this quiz -_- do you want to know if you are rich or not? take this quiz to find out!remember this quiz is not all the way accurate so dont get sad by your results.

Created by: chyna
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  1. how many apple products do you own?
  2. what kind of house do you live in?
  3. do you own a smartphone?
  4. how many cars do you own?
  5. do you think you are rich?
  6. look outside your window. do you see litter?
  7. do own a tv, WITH CABLE?
  8. how many times has your car broke down?
  9. what kind of car/cars do you own?
  10. how often do you shop?
  11. do you go to a private school?
  12. what are your or your parents job?
  13. do you own a northface jacket?
  14. do you share a room with anyone?
  15. do own a pool in your backyard?
  16. do you think this quiz is legit so far?
  17. do u have a computer in your house?
  18. you are afficially done with this quiz after you answer this question. After talking this quiz do you think you are rich or poor?

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