There are many wealthy people, but few are rich. A rich person is, after all, very wealthy. SO take this quiz to find out if you are rich or if you're barely making it!

Are YOU rich? Do you want to find out? Do you qualify for this test? Well, take it and find out! Good luck! See you on the other side, buddy! Now you can take the quiz.

Created by: Medinda Mox
  1. What is your name?
  2. what is your monthly income?
  3. what kind of house do you have?
  4. why are you taking this quiz?
  5. 123
  6. abcdefg
  7. how many people are in your family?
  8. do you think you're rich?
  9. do you own many electronics?
  10. this is the last question!

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Quiz topic: HEY, am I RICH?