Do You Know Anything About Mary J. Blige?

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Do you know that some people in this world would love to be like Mary J. Blige to be rich,in a mansion, and go around them world.Well if you like to be someone like her then take this quiz.

If you think you are made for this quiz come on and take this quiz today it could be usefull for you.It could show you your dream if you look at the bright side.

Created by: Carnisha
  1. What song did the above picture come from?
  2. What is Mary J. Blige's middle name?
  3. How many studio albums did Mary J. Blige do?
  4. When was Mary J. Blige born?
  5. What is Mary J. Blige known for?
  6. What happened in 2011?
  7. Where was Mary J. Blige born?
  8. How many siblings does Mary J. Blige have?
  9. How old is Mary J. Blige?
  10. When did Mary J. Blige get her GED?

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Quiz topic: Do I Know Anything About Mary J. Blige?