Is your MLP OC a Mary sue?

Do you ever wonder hey is my OC bad? Well a Mary Sue is another name for a typical bad OC. If you put thought into your OC and want to see if it was good enough you came to the right place!

Your OC can be A Mary sue, bad, in the middle, not bad, or kawaii! For example my OC's is a grey pegasus named SugarNut who's talent is comedy. I added Spongebob pictures so you can be amused...

Created by: SpringTrap
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is your OC?
  2. What race is your OC?
  3. Is your OC immortal?
  4. What is your OC's talent?
  5. Does your OC have no flaws; they are 100% perfect.
  6. Does your OC have anything to do with: Cupcakes, the Rainbow Factory, or Lil' mis Rarity?
  7. Does your OC have a relationship with any of the main 6 or cannon ponies?
  8. Does your OC have no flaws; they are 100% perfect.
  9. Does you OC just know things?
  10. Does your OC have any thing to do with the following...
  11. What does your OC do for a living?
  12. Is your OC based off of you?
  13. Is your OC based off of a MLP cannon character?
  14. Finally, do you think your OC is a Mary Sue?

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Quiz topic: Is my MLP OC a Mary sue?