Inside Out OC Mary Sue quiz

With the new movie Inside Out coming out, many people are making OCs for that movie. But most of them, unfortunately, are Mary Sues. If you don't know what a Mary Sue is, then what are you doing here? Look it up.

Is your OC a Mary Sue? If he/she is, don't worry, this May or may not be 100% accurate. There are much better quizzes out there for this kind of stuff, this aiming more for Inside Out.

Created by: Potoo Jones

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  1. When you created your OC for Inside Out, how much research did you put into the character.
  2. Is your OC male or female?
  3. If your character's an Emotion, is your OC's name an adjective?
  4. Does your OC fall in love with a canon character?
  5. How many characters (OC and canon) fall in love with the OC?
  6. Does your OC's eye color match the color scheme? (For example, Joy has blue eyes when her main color is yellow, therefore her eyes don't match)
  7. When others compare your character to the canon characters, do they think the OC looks like he/she could actually come from the movie?
  8. Is he/she hated on by the other characters?
  9. How many OCs of this fandom do you have?
  10. Is your OC's name Love? (Don't worry this does not affect the score)
  11. Is your OC's name just a synonym or sounds similar to a canon character's name? (For example, Grumpyness is a synonym for Anger, Happiness or Bliss is a synonym for Joy, Depression is another word for Sadness, Loathing is a synonym for Disgust, and Fright is a synonym for Fear)
  12. Is your OC's main color just a lighter or darker shade of a canon character's color? (Don't worry if the color is pink, that's okay)
  13. Does your OC resemble a canon character in terms of appearance?
  14. Is your OC something that wouldn't be considered an emotion (Smartness and Kindness for example), but you used it as an emotion anyways?
  15. Is your OC a mental disorder? (WTF)
  16. Is your character an emotion—that acts against its namesake? (For example, an OC named Surprise who isn't easily surprised.)
  17. Does the OC, for some reason, has a mental disorder, and you used it as an excuse for his/her actions?
  18. Do any of the characters particularly despise your character—for NO reason?

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