Is your MLP:FIM OC a Mary Sue?

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The MLP:FIM database is full of fantastic OCs, but also full of Mary Sues. No ones likes a Mary, especially if they are a "Queen Princess Blazing Diamond Heart of Alicornia."

Is your MLP OC a Mary Sue? Often, they are alicorns, but this is not always true. Take this quiz, and you will know the biggest secret of all time: Is your MLP:FIM OC a Mary Sue?

Created by: Cierra

  1. First question. What is your pony's race?
  2. Next. What is their name?
  3. What was their backstory/childhood like?
  4. Do they have very powerful magic?
  5. Is/was their mom/dad the most successful equine in Equestria?
  6. Are they often depressed?
  7. Do they always win/Are they immortal?
  8. Do they have multiple skills they're great at?
  9. Do they have weapons?
  10. Lastly, do they have an exotic pet?

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Quiz topic: Is my MLP:FIM OC a Mary Sue?