Is Your Ninjago Character a Mary Sue?

A Mary Sue is a character who is perfect without flaws or weaknesses. A Mary Sue may even be extremely powerful and immortal. Whatever the case, Mary Sues are NOT good OCs.

So, is your Ninjago OC a Mary Sue? Is she too perfect? Or is she a well-balanced character? Take this quiz to find out... Oh, and try not to take your result too seriously.

Created by: Karly

  1. Is your OC's name the same as yours?
  2. Does your OC have the same/similar hair color as you?
  3. Does your OC have an unnatural hair color that is NOT dyed? (Ex. green, blue, red, purple)
  4. Does your OC have an unnatural eye color that is NOT made with contacts?
  5. Does your OC have scars/piercings/other marks on her face or other body parts?
  6. Is your character's personality the same as yours or a personality you wish you had?
  7. Does your character control an element that a canon character controls?
  8. Does your character control more than one element?
  9. Does your character control all elements?
  10. Is your character related to Lord Garmadon, Lloyd Garmadon, or Sensei Wu in any way?
  11. Is your character completely or somewhat immortal?
  12. Is your OC part of some prophecy?
  13. If your OC is paired up with a canon character, did the canon character immediately fall for your OC (love at first sight)?
  14. If your OC is paired up with a canon character, does your OC make the canon character go out-of-character in some way?
  15. Does more than one ninja have a crush on your OC?
  16. Can your OC fly?
  17. Does your OC have a huge family?
  18. Do all or some of the canon characters look upon your OC as if she were their leader?

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Quiz topic: Is my Ninjago Character a Mary Sue?