Is Your OC A Mary~Sue?

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This is a quiz I made to test if your original character is a Mary~Sue or not. Remember that Sue-ness isn't confined to female characters - male characters can also be Sues.

It's not perfect, so please be patient with me! If you think it could be improved, and have a suggestion to improve it, please email me! I'm always happy to talk.

Created by: Mykha
  1. Is your character's appearance distinguishable from everybody else's?
  2. Are your character's main choice of clothes considered normal for the setting?
  3. Is your character's name normal for the period or setting, or usual for their background?
  4. Do your characters morals and ideals always hold up?
  5. Are there any prophecies relating directly to your character?
  6. Does your character have any massive flaws that lose them friends, lose them respect, or directly put them at a disadvantage?
  7. Does your character have an amazing body, and/or physique?
  8. Is your character considered extremely desirable/attractive by many people?
  9. Do you think of your character as a role-model?
  10. Does your character have any incredible superpowers? If so, how many?
  11. If your character does have superpowers, do those powers come with any sort of noticeable toll or price when used?
  12. Do one or more of the canon/other original characters fall madly in love with your OC?
  13. Does your character have no flaws at all? A flaw being something inherently bad about their personality, be it too selfish, naive, etc. Not something utterly unimportant like "He can't play the harmonica," or "She's so beautiful, it's a fault.
  14. Is your character 'the best' at many of the things they do? By which I mean, are they the best cook AND the best runner AND the best sports player AND the best fighter?
  15. Does your OC pick up skills unusually fast or succeed at almost everything they do?
  16. Are any of the canon/other original characters jealous of your OC's abilities, or see them as a threat to their own romantic relationships because of their beauty/skills?
  17. Doe they have a great singing voice, and/or play an instrument especially well? The piano, harp, violin, guitar and flute are popular ones for Mary~Sues.
  18. Did you ever, ever answer dishonestly on this quiz or convince yourself that your OC is not one of these, even though they most likely are?

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Quiz topic: Is my OC A Mary~Sue?