How Rich Will You Be When You Grow Up?

This quiz will explain how rich you will be when you grow up. There are some wealthy billionaires, so will you be one of them or not? In this quiz you will find out.

As the middle class is shrinking, there will be more poor people, however, the rich will get richer. Will you be the next Bill Gates or will you be living on the streets or will you just be an average guy?

Created by: Liam
  1. How rich is your family?
  2. What is the highest level of education you have right now?
  3. If you are still in school what is the highest level of education you plan to get?
  4. Do you like school?
  5. What are your grades like?
  6. Do you work hard in school?
  7. Are you focused or distracted in class?
  8. How smart are you?
  9. You go to the store and buy a $600 camera. There is a 25% discount. What do you do with the remaining money?
  10. You will be granted $15,000, however if you wait a year you will receive $100,000. Which will you choose?
  11. Your best friend is in danger. Craig will either kill your best friend and give you $5 billion, or he will save your best friend and give you nothing? Will you choose to have $5 billion or save your best friend?
  12. Have you ever been suspended or expelled from school? If so, how many times?
  13. When you invest in stocks, do you tend to gain money or lose money?
  14. How many fights did you get into last month?
  15. How often do you buy a new phone?
  16. What do you want your dream house to be?
  17. What do you want your dream car to be?
  18. What job do you want when you grow up?
  19. Have you ever been fired from your job?
  20. Do you have a criminal record? (say yes if you do not know)
  21. How mature are you for someone your age?
  22. And last of all, what is your ultimate life goal?

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Quiz topic: How Rich will I Be When You Grow Up?