Your Element (Fire, Earth, Water, Air)

Orokus is a frightening place. A dangerous place, where the unexpected is commonplace, and nothing stays the same for long. When the probability storms lash the city, it and its citizens change. Streets appear or disappear randomly. Entire neighborhoods are created or swallowed up. Old folks still recall the day Orokus reversed itself, creating a mirror image of itself. But usually the changes are smaller. A girl might wake up changed to a boy, a man might suddenly start speaking another language, or with six fingers on his hand instead of five. People could be transported over time and space, and children changed to fragile, breakable glass.

Once it had been a magnificent city, with elegantly designed and elaborately decorated buildings. But today it lies in ruins, the technology used to create it long forgotten. The people who live there range from the very rich to the very poor. The rich live in luxurious houses or towers, and are comfortable and well fed. The poor live in crowded, dirty, walled ghettos, and have to scramble for every scrap of food. But the probability storms are equally dangerous to all of them, no matter where they live.

Created by: chris
  1. You find yourself a lot of the time...
  2. When faced with a conflict you would...
  3. You are at home alone late one night and a thunderstorm is going on outside when the power goes out. What do you do?
  4. If you and your family/friends were to go on a camping trip, what would you probably spend most of your time doing?
  5. Which of the following comes closest to your greatest fear?
  6. What is your biggest weakness?
  7. What would you rather gain (without losing anything)?
  8. Which word do you find most appealing?
  9. What is your dream eye color?
  10. What, in your opinion, is your greatest strength?

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Quiz topic: My Element (Fire, Earth, Water, Air)