A Highschool Life

This is a story about a normal girl with normal friends and a normal life. The only thing that isn't normal abour her\you is her love life. You will become the character and expirience the drama, the romance and the ecitement.

Ryan, Seth, and Tyler. All very good choices. But, you can only choose one. Who will you choose to spend the rest of your life with? This is a quize about who you will marry\date.

Created by: Purplespiceness
  1. "Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey!" you feel nudges hitting your mid section. You try and ignore the person doing it but how can you? The person doing this annoying notion to you is none other than your best friend, Tyler Greenwell. You finally decide it best to see what he wants, rudely of course. "TYLER! I am trying to have a peaceful lunch here!" you yell to the boy next to you. He smiles sarcastically at you while preparing to speak. His hair is died a natural red while it is spiked up. Two longer strands slide down the sides of his face. His dark drown eyes sparkle in the light, and his smile always makes you happy. You know he's actually a pretty hot guy. But, you would never admitt it to him though. "I was trying to ask you about what your doing pring break? It starts tomarrow you know?" he speaks happily excited about not having to endure the highschool life anymore. The sun shown brightly as a fresh breeze swyed your hair. The spring had started and eating lucnh outside was so peaceful, almost everyone enjoyed their lunches in the peaceful nature.
  2. "Oh thas right, i comepletly forgot!" you spirt out. "Hmmm, not sure. I was just going to relax. How about you?" "I'm going to a friends cabin at the lake for a few days. He's lending it to me. He also said it would be cool to bring a few others with me. You should come up." he smiles deeply at you. "hmmm, maybe. I don't have anyhting else to do." "Alright!" he swings his hand down in a chi ching motion. "We leave on Monday!" he then stuffs his face into his sandwhich. You smirk and then turn the other direction scpoing the people who walk past you. You see a few of your other friends wave to you, motioning you to come sit with them. You ahke your head politely rejecting them. You always ate alone with Tyer. He was a childhood friend and you choce to sir with him then anyone else. He did the same and ever scince Highschool started 2 years ago you've always ate luch with him. A brown glimpse passes through your prihifial vision. You blush instantly as you turn your head to see one of the many walking figures. You stare in the direction of the male. His black hair glistened as it swooped up. His long legs walked in the other direction, and his blue eyes seemed to sparkle instantly. Your crush! Your crush was none other than the famous Jake fro the football team. He was a total jock and pretty much every girl fell for him at least once. You liked him a lot, you wanted to speak to him, but he was so popular, and you, not so much. Even so you always felt something towards him.
  3. Your crush walks straight past you and into another crowd. You sigh in dissapointment. "I don't know what you see in that guy!" Tyler inturupts you imagination. You frown at him. "What makes you think i even like him at all?!" "Please?! It's so obvious! But, seriously he's just another jock. You should find someone who is better suited to ya." you blush a little at his words. "HELLO MY LOVEY DOVEY!" you hear another male plop down beside you. He scoots right next to you and gives you a huge hug. You growl at this new interuption. "How has my darling been these past few days?" "Get off me!" you push the body off you.
  4. A older guy in a leather jacket suts before you. His black silky hair slides to the right as the back spikes up. Dark green eyes and tan skin. A medium buff body and his height ver 6 feet. He is20 and always adores over you. He sneaks into the school almost everyday to say hi, is some fashion. "RYAN YOU PERVERT! Don't just come up and hug me like that!" you yell. "Awww, come on baby. Let's ditch this place and i'll take you on a ride. How's that sound?" he leans your head up to face his. "No thank you!" you release yourself from his grasp. "Your killing me! just let me take you for one ride!" he tries to beg. "Nope!" you turn your face in the other direction. "Aw! Thats too bad. But watch, one of these days i'll make you take a ride with me. I got a go baby. The gang is waitn. I'll see you tomarrow!" he runs off as his short stop has finally passed. You sigh in relief. He really isn't abad gut or anything, but you just don't like getting fawned over so much. You hit the side of Tyler. "OW! What the heck was that for?" he wins in pain. "You lecture me when my crush walks by, but you do nothing when i get asulted?!" "Hey, thats just how i am. Don't be haten!" he bites into his sandwhich. You roll your yes and ignore him. The lunch bell rings in your ear.
  5. Another bell cimes as the school day ends. You sigh in relief as your spring break has finally begun! Other teens rush past you excited. You yourself decide to go back to your locker to pick up a folder you forgot. The halls emptly fast as you walk through the halls. Soon you seem to be the only one left. You continue walking till you reach your locker. You twist the lock, reach in and grab the folder, and then close the door. As you put the folder in your bag you hear a faint sound. The sound is that of someone crying. The crying echoes through the halls. Worried of who it might be you follow the noise. You reach the end of the hall when you spot a boy sitting with his head in his lap. 'Was he the one crying?' you ask yourself. You approch him carefully. "Uhm, excuse me." you ask quietly. "I don't mean to be rude or anything, but are you crying?" The boy doesn't answer. You wait for a minute before he mumbles something, "She..., she" "She? Did this she, do something to you?" "She broke up with me," he starts to cry again. You are stunned that someone his age could cry so easily. You feel sorry for him. "I'm, i'm sorry" you place your hand o his shoulder.
  6. You sit next to this boy, trying to comfort him. "Hey look, i'm sure she was a pain in the a@.@. She doesn't deserve you!" you smile at him. He lifts up his head. You see his blue tear stained eyes as they scope your body. He has medium black hair, that is kind of messy. He peeks over his shoulder at you. "YOu know what might make you feel better? Ice ceam! Once you get home, open some ice cream and chow down! It helps me when i just got dumped. And then you know what? Make a list of all you hated about her, and then post it on the wall to always remeber that she was a terrible girlfriend!" He chuckles a little. "Thank you for the advice." he whispers. The lights in the school turn off as you know that the doors wil be locking soon. "whats your name?" you grin. "Seth," "Well, Seth, i have to go. But, you go home and eat some ice cream, k?" you sit up and swing your bag over your shoulder. You start walking away. "And whats your name?" you here Seth call from down the hall. You turn back and respong. "It's _______!" you walk out the red doors and out onto the lawn.
  7. You arrive at your home. The two story building skys over you as you walk inside. You here the water running in the kitchen as you know someone is doing the dishes. You walk past the opening into the kitchen, "Hey mom!" you call out. "Hey sweety. How was school?" "Okay i guess. Ryan snuck into school again." You back track and wlak into the kitchen. Your mother turns off the water and starts drying her hands. You take a seat at the bar and place your head on the counter. "That boy is so nice, so did you seak back out with him?" "MOM!" you yell at her, "You shouldn't be encouraging me to skip school! You just like Ryan because when he comes over he gives you flowers!" "Sorry, sorry, sorry. Besides that how was school?" "Oh ya, Tyler invited me to a cabin up at the lake for a few days." "You going?" "Ya i think so." "Sounds fun." she smiles and then walks past you into the living room. You climb up the stairs and into your bedroom. You place your backback in the closet and lie on your bed. You stare at the roof for a few minutes before you decide to take a shower.
  8. You finish your shower as you walk our of the bathroom and strt to get changed. You here a knock o the front door down stairs. You don't bother until you here your mother yell up at you. "______! It's Tyler i'm sending him up!" You squeak as you are still in the towel. You hear foot steps come up the stairs as they approch your room. You squirm to the door to block him from entering. Your too late!
  9. "NO DONT COME IN!" You cover you mouth with both hands. Just your luck, the towel falls to the floor as Tyler opens the door. "You blush and are stunned, you cant move. Tyler quickly spots you naked and is stunned as well. His face turns completely red. He shuts the door quickly locking himself out. You fall to the floor in embarassment.
  10. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!! :3 stay tuned to part 2!

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