Highschool Drama 1

Highschool Drama 1. Lots of drama. Well not really in this one. Hope ya like it though. Haha. Rate and comment! Please! Haha! -So what's up? Sorry but i'm very bored. Haa. Get used to it.

Yo. I'm very bored. Why do we have to write this anyways?Grr.Uni uni uni, uni uni uni, uni uni uni, uni uni corn!*puts up our horns* Oh good times(: I love my bestie. Ha.

Created by: CuteeStuff
  1. Before we start...just want you all to know that this is a series. And yes the result comes out as a %, it's because im too lazy to set the effect bar on each one. Ok let's begin, shall we?
  2. You take a deep breath, open the car door, and walk out to the front gate of your new highschool. "Oh boy." you say. ^sarcasim
  3. Your mom yells, "Bye honey! Love you! Have a good day and remember, always smile!". A group of girls start to laugh. Your mom blows you a kiss then drives off.
  4. You ignore the girls and walk through the doors. So many ppl you think. After getting shoved and pushed thru the hall, you finally find your locker. You put your books awy then suddenly,
  5. "(Your name here)! Please report to the office!" the loud speaker went off. "How could I already be in trouble?" you ask yourself. You hear a laugh behind you."Don't woorry, you're not in trouble," a dirty blonde haired guy riding on a skateboard said. He stopped in front of you and said, "The names Chris. You new here?" He asked. "Yea how'd you know?" you ask. "I can tell." Chris said.
  6. You blush. "Well I better get going." you say. "Uh ok. Do you wanna talk later maybe at lunch?" he asks. "Alrighty." you say as you walk down the hall. Before you enter the office you:
  7. You sit down in the office for about 2 minutes when 2 people walk in. There's a tall thin woman with blonde hair. "Hi," the woman says. "I'm Mrs. Hall, the principal here. Nice to meet you Karly right?" she asks. "Yes." you say quietly. "Well this is Lauren," Mrs. Hall says pointing to her left. "She's the tour guide here, plus she's a student here. I hope you two become great friends!" Mrs. Hall says as she walks out.
  8. Lauren guides you out to the hall. "Hi Karly. I'm Lauren," she says. "Hi Lauren." you respond. "So let's learn a little bit about eachother before we begin, okay?" Lauren asks."Alright." you say.
  9. L= Lauren K= Karly L: Where are you from? K: Colorado. L: Favorite color? K: Blue. L: Age? K: 16. Turning 17 in two months. L: Really?! Same here! but im turning 17 in 1 month. Favorite singer? K: That's cool. Um I like alot of singers. L: Haha. Last question. What do you wanna be when you're older? K: Please don't tell anyone, But I wanna be a model.
  10. "I promise." Lauren says. "Thanks," you say. "Your my first real friend." you say with a smile. Lauren gives you the tour then it's finally lunch! What do you order?
  11. As you walk out of the cafeteria, you bump into a thin girl with light brown hair in a cheer uniform with her hair up in a bow. "Watch it!," she yells as her lunch spills all over her. The cafeteria grew dead silent. "I'm so sorry!" you tell her. "Yeah sure, you better watch it new girl. You don't wanna mess with me alright." she says. "Yeah." some girls behind her said. They all walked awayy then Lauren came running to you, "Are you ok?!" she asks. "Yeah, I think." you say. "Who is that girl anyways?" you ask. "Tiffany Summers," Lauren says in a snobby voice."She's captain of the cheer team. And dates the quarterback on the football team, Bryce Hilton. Everyone thinks he's just dreamy. Don't tell anyone but he kissed me in 2nd grade."
  12. That's it! Stay tuned for Highschool Drama 2! There's even more charecters to meet! Please rate and comment!

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