High School, Drama, and Guys P1

High school, drama, and guys? Yup you betcha! All three makes this series very interesting with crazy cliff hangers and mysteries to be solved. And most of all, drama drama drama!

NICK- Hes the jock. Likes sports and meat products. He has blond hair and blue eyes. Muscular, tall. MATT- Funny and romantic. Hes a sweetie! Brown hair and hazel eyes. Muscular, averge size. MIKE- Mysterious trouble maker. Red hair and bulging muscles!! RAVE- Lonely, seems sweet. He has black hair and red eyes!! He is tall and average body weight.

Created by: Kirsteen111
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  1. You take a deep breathe. "This is it" you say outloud right before you walk into the building. You push the door open and see your new school. High School. You look at all the kids walking through the hallway. There all kinds of different people. Theres Japanese, Asain, tall, short, emo, punk, and people dressed in chains. You hear the announcements come through a speaker to your left. "______, come to the front office" You look down the long corridor that split left and right.
  2. You end up taking a left and then a right and then another left. You scrape past all the other kids in the hallway. Squeezing and dodging. Most of them didnt even seem to see you. They would run right into you and some of them even pushed you over. "This isnt anything like home schooling.." You think to yourself. You have been in home schooling for the past five years. And now you were in your senior year (twelth grade). You told your mom that you were ready to try going to high school to graduate. It was a good idea. You think any way. Then you heard a bell and everyone scrambled into several of the millions of rooms you had seen. But one person walks up to you. She doesnt look like shes going to class. She takes out her hand and smiles, you shake her hand. "My names Jill" She has smooth blonde hair and she is wearing pretty cool clothes. She is your size
  3. "Uhh, hi im _____" You say nervously. She speaks, "Cool name. Youre lookin for the office huh?" You reply, "Yah how did you know?" She smiles nad begins to walk down the hall. You follow. "Im part of student counsil. We help run the school. I heard about you and here you are, the office is just down here.." She points to the end of the hall. You thank her and she gets back to what ever she was doing. You walk into the large office, the smell of coffee in the air. You talk to one of the ladies in the office, she hands you a map, a list of all your classes, and she heads you out the door.
  4. You start to head to your first class, physical education. You walk outside and end up... in a garden. You yell loudly and sit down on a bench. You crumble up the map and throw it toward a bush. "Dumb Map!!" You say. Thats when you hear a voice behind you, "Uh, do you need help?" You turn around and see a guy. Hes very cute. Brown hair, muscles, hazel eyes. And he is quite a few inches taller than you. He notices you looking at him up and down. He laughs and you blush deeply as you turn your head. He sits next to you, "What did the bush do?" He asks sarcastically, you laugh and say, "I was frustrated is all." He then pipes up, "I could show you to your class." You smile and say
  5. You say sure and he leads you to the class. As he walks away you ask, "Whats your name?" He doesnt turn back but yells, "Matt" The class are all sitting in chairs as the teacher teaches, you dont know what though. You take a seat in the back next to a guy all dressed in black. He doesnt look up at you nor does he seem to care. He looks about your height and has black hair. He is writing symbols all over the desk next to him. You lean over to see whats his eye color. The problem is his head is facing the ground and you end up leaning WAY too far..
  6. You lean,.. and end up falling out of your chair. The whole class turns around and stares at you. You are blushing so bad as you flip the chair back up and sit. Good thing is that guy was starring at you too, so you knew what color his eyes are now. They must have been contacts though because his eyes are a blood red. You also notice his name scribled on a peice of paper,.. Rave
  7. He stops looking at you and returns to scribbling. Pretty soon its lunch and on the way there. You run into a guy in the hallway. He is surrounded by other people and he was the center of attention. He was obviously popular. But, you ran into him. He says, "Ugh," As you run into his chest pretty hard. You look up at him. Hes taller than you, has blond hair and he has dark blue eyes. He is pretty muscular. And did i mention he looked very upset, "Watch it!" He snarls and walks past you with all his group of people. But as he walks away he suddenly pauses.. turns around and smiles. He looks you up and down. He runs to you and says, "Sorry, i didnt know i ran into a georgous chick." Then he winks
  8. "My names Nick," He says but then the ten people he was with start calling him back. And just as he walks a few feet away from you to leave, you see a blur of brown. Nick was just tackled! By.. you look down to see who it was... Matt?
  9. But soon you see Nick is laughing and Matt is too! They start punching each other and tackling each other.
  10. They get up quickly though and Matt says, "This is my man Nick!" He jabs his elbow at Nick and Nick speaks up, "And this is my homie, Matt. But i guess weve all met each other." You smile shyly but decide not to say anything. They look at each other and say at the same time, "Come sit over here." You follow them as they sit down with a large group around. They each get some food and sit down in the grass. You do the same. What food did you get?
  11. Nick gets chicken and Matt gets pizza. Nick then tells the group about how he was playing foot ball and the time was nearly gone and he saved the game. Meanwhile, Matt would interupt every once in awhile and crack a joke. You laughed pretty hard during lunch. But all good times end shortly and you were on your way to math. You part ways with Matt and Nick and almost instantly a girl with a mini skirt and pink top comes up to you with three other girls at her tail. She puts her hands on her hips and hisses, "Stay away from him." Then she walks past you pushing you to the left. The others follow. You..
  12. You decide that its not worth it. And head to Math class. Where a kid is being lectured by the teacher. The kid has bright red hair and it is spiked. He has chains wrapped everywhere they could fit. He looks like hes not listening to the teacher. He walks out the door as the teacher yells back, "Mike head to the office this instant!!" You quietly sit down in the back and theres Rave again.
  13. Any way you dont talk to him even though you want to and your brain keeps thinking. "Go talk to him... nevermond, no go, no dont!" Pretty soon your too confused to listen to the teacher. You hear the bell. Schools over. You stand up and decide your gonna make a move! So you walk confidently up to the cute guy but on the way there your right foot snags on a chair. You are sent flying to the tile floor at hurling speeds. SMACK!
  14. Your face begins to burn as someone helps you off the floor. Its Rave. He doesnt smile but he helps you off the floor and walks away. Then Jill (from before) runs up to you. "Are you ok?! You have a giant bruse on your head!!" You feel kind of dizzy but answer saying, "Im fine." She says..,"Come with me. We'll get you some ice." You follow her to the nurses office and she grabs a bag of ice. You put it up to your head.. man its cold!
  15. You two begin to conversate talking about birthdays and stuff as you walk to your house. She walks with you. On the way there you smell the fresh scent of Autumn leaves falling down. ou feel the nippy air that gives you chills. "I love Fall" You say outloud and Jill suddenly jumps into a pile of leaves in the park, which was only a few feet to your left. She laughs, "Me too!" You jump into a pile right next to hers and laugh, "Your a strange person Jill." She smiles, "i know!"
  16. You guys are almost home when you hear Matts voice behind you, "Hi, ____!" Then you both look back and suddenly his smile disappears as he sees Jill. There is this awkward silence.
  17. You decide to break the silence by saying, "hi" Matts smile returns and turns toward Jill, "Havent seen you in awhile how are you?" He kind of stammers a bit. She smiles kind of halfly and says, "Fine." Another awkward silence. You finally say, "Well me and Jill have to go Matt, so see ya!" Then you pull her arm the other direction.

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