just another high shool drama

This quiz is about a little vamp drama. take a look and see who you most like in this high school drama. have fun and don't choose the wrong side! it may come back to bite you in the neck. you are a shape shiffter in this quiz by the way.

Who do you think you'll like? Zack, Adam, Cody, or Trevor. take the quiz and find out. are you on the good side of the bad side. do you like the evil one the roman one the smart one or the phyco one. find out. see ya!

Created by: gill-girl123
  1. You are a shape shiffter wich means you can turn into any anmial you want. you have just moved to Rhode Island this summer. It's the first day of school and you stand there looking up at the school as other kids rush by talking about summer and all the classes they have.The sign Hoover High Schol looms above you. You think...
  2. The bell rings and every one rushes inside. you find your locker, get your things and head to Mr. Hettle's class. you pick a seat in the back and sit down when the teacher wallk's in. " Hello every one. i'm mister Hettle. Well today to start things off i will be taking role call. say here when i say your name."You think...
  3. He names off people and then he finally comes to your name. you weren't really paying attention to other people in the class so after you said "Here" you notice Four hot guys. You think...
  4. At 11:30 the lunch bell rings. you stand in line to get your food. you notice three of the hot guys you in class standing in front of you. after you get your food you follow them to a table wear bearly any one is sitting. they go to the end and sit alone. well they don't have girlfriends you think. you walk over and ask if you can sit down. they say yes. you think...
  5. You find out that the brown haired one withe hazle eyes and a romane accent is Adam(the foren boy) the one with blue eyes and blonde hair is zack(he's a little phyco) and the one with back hair and brown eyes is cody(the smart one).who do you like more?
  6. You get to talking and find out a bit about them and the school. they whisper something to each other and say"do you want to hang out later?"
  7. After lots of beging you give in and decide to meet at Zach's house after school. Zach dosen't seem to right in the head by the way. you think..
  8. You follow the directions they gave you to an old run down house. you think twice about doing this but you finialy get out of the car and knock on the door. Adam anwsers and you smell the pleasent smell of ginger bread. you think...
  9. you follow Adam inside and enter the living room. lots of glade candles are lit wich is why it smelled so good. you sit down on an old couch faceing the three of them who are sitting on a large tatered sofa. they look at you very strangely and then Adam lounges at you! you think
  10. He bites you on the neck and pulls back. you look at the three of them and laugh. "I'm a shape shiffter you idoits!" you say. "you are?" says cody confused. after that you talk for hours on end entill you notice the time. "you can stay here say's Zack." what do you do?
  11. you decide to go. your heading down the high way when a vamp lands on top of your car smashing the roof. It was Trevor an evil vamp who wants to take over the world. you talked about him with the guys. what do you do?
  12. Trevor sees you turn into an animal and head back to zachs. apperently now that he knows your a shape shiffter he'll stop stalking you. you run back to Zack's and tell them about it. you were still in animal form so you changed back.you stay at zack's that night. What do you dream of?
  13. You head home the next day...... THE END how did you like the quiz?

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