High School Love Drama

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My quiz is about well high school love drama. Its more like the streotypes we see in movie deal. Anyways this is my first quiz ever so please make this count :)

The jock, the geek and the bad boy. Which guy will you end up with !? In a story mixed with high school drama you get to be the one everyone wants ! Go get em ! :)

Created by: LadyLala253
  1. Your stupid alarm starts going off you sit up and look at the time 8:07 a.m. !! Your late for school ! You start rushing to get ready brushing your teeth and pick your outfit what do you wear??
  2. You rush to your car only to forget your keys are in the house. Now your keys are locked in the house "Fml will my life ever get better?" You say out loud to your self. Slamming your head on your car door. "You know that won't get your car to open right?" You turn around to see a guy leaning on a tree in front of your house. "I know its just now I'm late for school and...hey have I seen you around my school?" You check him out he has light brown emo styleish hair and brown eyes he's wear fingerless gloves and a black leather jacket and ripped jeans. You can tell he works out but not freaky muscles. He catchs you stareing and you turn and blush. "Yea, I'm a junior" he said with his cute half smile. "Me too" "Do you need a ride I can give you a lift on my motorcycle?"
  3. Let's just say you toke the ride. :) Your at school and you already missed 1st period so you have to go get a tardy pass in the office. "So what's your name cutie?" He asks while you walk to the office. You blush "My name is _____ what's yours?" "My names bradly but you can call me Brad". You look at his dragon tatoo on his neck "I got it my freshman year my dad made me its part of a tradition" "I think its hot" you say slapping your forehead "I so did not want to say that out loud" you say. He laughs. You get your tardy passes. "See you later cutie" handing you a piece of paper with his number.
  4. You try to sneak into 2nd period without letting Mr. Miller seeing you. EPIC FAIL! "I see that your late do you have a pass ____?" You stop in your tracks and hand him your tady pass. "Take a seat we are working with partners and you have to work with chris" He points to the boy sitting closest to the window. He has brown hair and gray eyes that make you melt. His ears are pirece. He's wearing a white button up with blue jeans on. He's looking out the window and seems to be in deep thought. You take the seat right next to him he turns to you and drops his pencil on the ground. He picks it up and fixes himself. "Uhmmmm hi my name is chris .... uhmm what's yours?" He ask shly "My names ____ I'm going to be your partner for today"
  5. After 2nd period chris stops you and hands you a paper "If you need help with any homework I'm your guy call me" "I thought I would have to make the first move" you think to yourself laughing as you open the door to your 3rd period class room only to hit someone standing behind it . "Oh my gosh I'm so sorry are your hurt?" You ask while you help them up. "Yeah I'm fine...." his brown eyes locked on yours. "You got a strong arm for a pretty girl like yourself" you blush . "I'm so sorry I hit you I didn't know you were there" you say brushing his jacket off . "Its cool. Its my fault for standing there" his dirty blonde hair messed up and his soft brown eyes look at you. He has a varsity football jacket , dark blue jeans and a plain white tee on. "My names chad" putting his hand out for a hand shake "My names _____" he lifts your hand to his mouth and kisses it "Well _____ its nice to meet you"
  6. After 3rd period its lunch. Walking to your locker and remembered you forgot your lunch at home. If only you had parents to bring you a lunch but sadly you only live with your grandma and she is to old to drive. Slamming your head on your locker feeling so dumb "You really need to stop doing that when are you going to learn ____ that doesn't open anything" you turn to see brad behind you . He lifts his hand to your forehead seeing that its red he kisses it. Your cheeks turn red . "Thanks but its just that I forgot my lunch and I'm starving" he laughs and plays with your hair. "Come with me" he says as he pulls you by the arm "where we going?" He looks back "you said your hungry" he does that cute half smile again and you just follow him.
  7. Brad takes you on his motorcycle to (insert favorite restruant here) "Thanks. You saved me all day" you say throwing away your trash. "Anything for a cutie like you" you blush then look at your watch its 4 minutes till lunch is over .! "Crap we have to get back to school" you say but Brad only smiles he takes your hands "do you trust me?" You look into his eyes "yea..." you say "Then get on and hold on tight" you and Brad are speeding down the roads and after you close your eyes just for a minute your at school. "Told you. You can trust me" you look at him amazed. He just kisses you on the cheek and rides to park his bike in the student parking lot.
  8. 4th and 5th go by quick mostly because all the teachers did was talk talk and talk ! 6th period was P.E. and that was the easiest because all you had to do was play volleyball or some sport. You walk into the gym and surrounded by a bunch of people was chad "great" you thought to yourself. You see your friends Tania and Vanessa sitting on the benchs "____!" Tania waves at you to come to her. She has black long hair that hit to her middle back she has brown eyes and is really skinny. "Hey you guys." You say running torwards them. "I saw that" vanessa playfully punching you she's not all that outgoing but around us she's major weird. She has dark brown hair that goes all the way down to her butt she has brown eyes and wears glasses don't get me wrong even with glasses she looks good. Just like tania. "Saw what?" You say "You checking prince charming out over there" tania points to chad. "Oh yea well I hit him with the door earlier and I just wanted to see if I left some bruises" you say "You mean some bruises one his heart" tania throwing her hands to her heart falling into vanessa's arms. You three laugh. "Go talk to him" vanessa said "Gross . With all those squeakers around" you say making a rat face. "Besides we have to start running"
  9. After you hug and say bye to vanessa and tania you decide to walk home. (Since you have no car) you start to walk but hear a noise behind you but when you turn around no one is there so you keep walking your about to cross the cross walk when all of a sudden a truck comes out of no where and almost hits you ! But someone pushing you out of the way and you both land on the side of the road. You jump up out of his arms " oh my gosh are you ok I....." you feel a pain in your right ankle you twisted it you fall to the ground in pain "ouch!" You say "____ are you ok?" You look up and see his face its.........
  10. CLIFFHANGER! Sorry you guys ! Tell me if you like it ! If you do I'll make part 2 ! Thanks :)
  11. Who do you like so far??

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