Meet the Monster Part1: Not Afraid

Evan Lewis Roberts is just a normal 17 year old boy living in the westside of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Well.. If you looked past his taste in music, hairstyle, tattoos, peircings and language he's normal. But everything in Evan's life is going to take a sharp turn. A monster that lurks inside of him will be revealed, and true love may be pocked up along the way. Join me as we find out who the real Evan Lewis Roberts is, and what his destiny holds.

Hey guys! Thanks for taking the intro! Even though there wasn't very many comments, they were still all positive :). So I've decide to follow through this quiz series. Thank you for reading ~ KBlue

Created by: KBlue
  1. BE SURE TO READ THE TWO PARAGRAPHS AT THE TOp.I pop my knuckles and neck out of habit, watching as a clue of fear flashed across my opponents deep, forest green eyes. His hair comes down all the way down to his waist in thick, black, blonde tipped, dreadlocks. His skin is the color if a Hershey's chocolate bar, and stretches out over his muscular frame. Not to be offensive, but im literally the whitest guy here-but also the smallest and youngest.
  2. Sweat forms on our brows and upper lips as the hot, Oklahoma sun beats down on us. It just had to be the hottest day on record-115 (Fahrenheit)(46.11 Celsius) I was sweating lie a horse. It felt like 200,f)(93.3 C)so I grabbed the bottom sides of my faded, black and white TulsaShock t-shirt, and began to peel it off. I managed to get it over my head without it leaving behind any patches of the black shirt. Personally, I felt like a bad batch of stickers, all sticky, but without a pretty side with sparkles, and colors, and what not.
  3. Anyways, I tossed my shirt to the side and a thought struck me. This is going to be long.. And bloody.
  4. The crowd forms around us, and place their bets on who the want to Win. I feel the thick adrenaline pumping through my veins as we crouch into lower, defensive positions, waiting for our whistle. His eyes were Luke green fire burning through my blue-gray eyes, through my skull, and into my conscience. Just him glancing at me started given me a headache.......Then, the whistle.
  5. He made the first move, taking me by suprize. Luckily, my fist catches his nose with a deafening crunch before he ca pin me to the scorching hot concrete. I quickly got up, able to feel the heat rising from the ground in my hightops. I stand my ground a few feet away from him, gritting my teeth. My eyes staid locked onto him, not allowing them to wander to the ever increasing crowd.
  6. He throws a few fake punches, and I put my arms vertically on my chest to protect it.
  7. **I was right about 2 Things** 1) yes it was long 2) and very bloody
  8. I breathed hard, laying on the ground in the middle of two broken down buildings. My opponents was over me, knees driving into my abdomen, making me bite back a scream. Blood was in my mouth, caked to my skin, and luring out of a cut over my eye. "lemme to." I groaned. He just grinned a flashing white grin and drove his knees harder into my abdomen, making me lose my breath.
  9. I stared him in the eye, and tried with all my might to get up, but he just drove his knees harder into my abdoman, and chest. This time, something cracked in my chest. A scream ripped my throat, and escaped from my lips. I heard his buddies chuckle, like robots. The fight was over over an hour ago. My opponent just couldn't accept losing to me. "Looks like Tommy ain't goin' to do no eatin' tanight." he said, taking my prize money from my grey, cargo pants.
  10. Then, pure anger, and hatred filled my voice. My body tensed as I said it "Give.That.Back" I commanded, sounding like a man, or a monster. He just grinned and whispered "make me"
  11. Cliffhanger! see you in part 2! Thank you for taking my quiz! Please rate, comment, and share! AND BE SURE TO READ THE TWO PARAGRAPHS AT THE TOp.

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