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  • This is really good so far;) Very original! Every other like adventure lovey dovey type story is about a girl who gets kidnapped by 4 hot guys who wanna marry her and save her from evil. Those are nice but so played out. This is a breath of fresh air.:D

  • Thanks guys :D. ALSO sorry about some of the type-o's. I have my iPod and it's auto correction to thank :p

    @DparklyScarlet t

    Ya, I took WAY to many of those, and relized there was a pattern. I love Love stories, but all of them had the same plot. So I guess you can say that's when I decided to take my own story and put it here :D

  • Is this quiz for guys only or for both guys and girls? Or just girls cusse I'm really confused!!!

  • Good start to the story, waiting for part 2 to come out now :]

    Loony Luna
  • ten out of ten.. i love this quiz!
    11 stars dude..

  • can't wait for part 2 :)


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