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  • Agnosticism
    "It doesn't have to be wrong. Why are you afraid of making a wrong decision? Because if god does exist, you'll end up in hell or something? B..."
  • Agnosticism
    "Viktor: Bob has already answered your question in the most precise and logical way he could, if you can't understand it you are maybe simply..."
  • Favorite computer games?
    "The Sims 2 for me, since forever."
  • "Guarana* GTQ won't accept accents at all..."
  • "I would enjoy a nice dish of spinach and ricotta cannelloni for starters, after some mozzarella salad, followed by a plate of authentic Braz..."
  • "Cho, because at least she doesn't go around kissing Malfoy's arse as Pansy does .-. Now that everyone's talking about their f"
  • I have problems.
    "Well, maybe what you think to be 'love' actually isn't. Maybe you find men/women attractive, funny, interesting and even care about them eno..."
  • "British :)"
  • The path of the fallen.
    "Um... it's not that I don't like it, but I don't really get it. Could you perhaps explain a bit more? Or add some more detail to your writin..."
  • "@sick I wore cat ears and I'm kinda goth as well, haha."
  • The Beatles!!!!!!!
    "I don't believe it's possible to not like the Beatles. Some people might think they don't, but deep down inside they know they do. Without t..."
  • "I agree with pretty much everything you have said in your rant. To be honest though, I never saw rants as being this coheren"
  • "Sport: Okay, I understand because I've also been through this. Are there any clubs or places you can hide in during lunch at your school? In..."
  • "Sport: In answer to your question, yes, I do have a friend like that. In fact, we're not actually friends any more, we're friendly acquainta..."
  • "How interesting, I thought I was the only one with my first kiss at the age of 5 xD Yeah, it was during class, I was sat next to this"

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