Letters to myself.... (part 2)

I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute if if :D. I'm watching The Office. It's a funny show. Does anyone else watch it?

Jinglebells don't moo, they quack!! Just so you know, no, I'm not going crazy. These things do actually happen to me. And I'm not making these things up.

Created by: DaughterOfApollo

  1. These other 3 are not very long. They're like a page long.
  2. And I wasn't planning on writing any more letters, but, a person who read the first part, (Loony Luna), said that they thought my life was interesting and wanted to know more about it. (not like a pervert or anything) XD.
  3. August 4th/5th. 12:00am~12:30am. Well, Megan, I had a weird and scary dream/nightmare last night. It was like I was sleeping in my bed. And then someone or something grabbed my ankles and pulled me out of my bed. And I couldn't move and I could barely breathe. And I was trying to call out for help, but it came out as a scratchy whisper. I then hears a faint laughing that I think was next to my left ear. And then I woke up and I was on the floor, but, it turns out that was a dream, and I woke up on my bed. I slept with the light on.
  4. And what was weird about it was that when I was writing about that experience when I was 6, I got a bad feeling that something was going to happen. It was like my heart felt shoved into the back of my chest, and my stomach felt sick. And I just felt off. And then that dream happened. Maybe whatever it was was mad at me for writing that and sharing it? I don't know. I just don't know what it was. And then sometime during the day today, it sounded like someone (or something) was walking around my room. Either that, or my house was just creaking in my room. And no one was home except me and all of the dogs were with me in the living room. ~Meg. P. S. Try to remember to find a way to make Chuck stop barking at random times. It's loud.
  5. August 6th 5:40pm~5:58pm. This thought just came to me. And I was wondering if this happens to anyone else. Has anyone else have their senses zoomed in on something? Because sometimes it happens to me, mostly when I'm sick. It's like I would be lying down and then my vision would zoom into a small part of the wall. And I can't make it start, it just happens. And I can sometimes make it stop, but it would just zoom in on a different part of a wall.
  6. And I would see all of these little particles and I hear bugs or something (I don't know what it was) scratching against the wood and I would occasionally smell something weird. I don't know how to describe it. It's like.... Well, you know what a Ladybug smells like? And when people ask me what a Ladybug smells like, you don't know how to describe it. But, yeah, that stuff started happening at age 6. (Yep, that's like the age when all this weird stuff started happening to me). ~Meg. P. S. REMEMBER TO READ YOUR SUMMER READING BOOKS. School starts in a couple of weeks.
  7. August 6th/7th 11:50pm~12:30am. Maybe I should be an inspirational writer. I think I might be good at that. Or I would be completely horrible at it. Can anyone else see waves? Like heat waves and stuff. And can anyone else see that "visible snow" or whatever they call it. It's like you can see little tiny dots that look like it's either snowing or raining, but it's invisible. You know what I'm talking about if you see it.
  8. You know what annoys me? How, on Gotoquiz, some people are complaining about how only 10 or 12 people are taking their quizzes. But you know what? Only 3 are taking "Apollo's Curse/ The Cursed One" and I'm one of those 3. So technically, only 2 people are taking it. And some people are complaining about how they're hardly getting any comments and that they're thinking about quitting because not a lot of are commenting. Well, guess what? I haven't gotten a comment in "The Cursed One" in the past like 5 parts, at least. But I'm still writing it because of of those two people. (My hand is starting to cramp up because of me writing so fast).
  9. Someone (Jake101) called me an ass today on the forums. And this is what I said back to him, "Thank you :D." He probably wasn't expecting that and was probably expecting a fight. Well, he got one from the other people he trashed. Like SWAGGIRL, Moyashi, Zane Is Here, and Mia Is Silence. And the funny part is that none of us knew him, but he "knew" us. He's obviously a stalker. And those people who were singled out, (if you're reading this), then just reply with positive comments. They'll eventually get annoyed and stop.
  10. I have 7 plus mosquito bites on me. I don't know how I got them.... I had a really cool dream last night. I was fricken awesome and kicking everyone's butts. I think I killed a couple people too. I was like a ninja. I have to do volunteer work tomorrow. I'm giving people food. That came up over dinner, and so did me getting my permit. Which my dad said I couldn't get unless I gave him one of my stories to read. I then said, "I haven't seen you read one book. And then I guess I'm not getting my permit." That went on for about a minute before he had to leave. I still hate Mr. Martin (former band teacher before I quit). He never should've stole my food. You never steal a skinny girl's food. Let that be a lesson to you all. ~Meg. P. S. School starts in 10 days and you still need to read your summer reading books.
  11. Alright, bye guys.

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