An Hour In Hell >:D

Hello! Welcome to my first official GTQ quiz! Sooo, basically this is the original game of 7 minutes in Heaven, only it's an hour, and in HELL. Every...

... Result you get will be either amazing, and have a horrible ending, or have a horrible time and a terrible ending. There will be no Happy Endings in this.

Created by: Loony Luna of Hogwarts Online
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  1. Helloooo. Welcome to my first crappy quiz. Soo I'm having a party at my place with my best friend and I invite you and a bunch of other kids you don't know (no I don't invite your best friend because I'm just that nice). How are you feeling? P.S: I force you to come, no matter what you say :).
  2. You come to my house and knock on the door. My bestie answers cuz I'm busy with the other guests! You get to the party, and there seems to be a lot of guys/girls. you kind of like the look of...
  3. I suddenly make an announcment. "Right everyone, lets play An Hour In Hell!" Everyone starts cheering, and you joint in. Someone asked you who you would want to go in with. What kind of guy/girl would you rather go in with?
  4. You pick a number. What number it is?
  5. You have no idea who you are with. You try and guess/talk with people around. Who do you turn to first?
  6. Everyone says their number, and the guy/girl with the same number is... (No Effect On Answer) :D
  7. Even though you like the look of them, you aren't really fond of the game, and try to avoid them in the waiting time, even though your second. How do you avoid them?
  8. Um, I kinda ran out of questions, so please, er, click here!
  9. Still no questions! (Or effects!)
  10. Yeah! Last question! Are you ready for the moment of truth? It's your turn to go into the cupboard! Are you ready for what the future holds?

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