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This story was inspired to me mainly by the song "Heart Shaped Box" by the band Nirvana. Even the name of this story is some of the lyrics off that song. It's about a girl, Kaede, whose adoptive mother has died, and is forced to move into a new home and school.

How will Kaede cope with the new life that's been arranged for her? Will she ever find true love? Or is the future just too dark and mysterious for her?

Created by: Loony Luna
  1. "Patricia Evans-Terrace. Patty. Mum. I know I never told you this the way I should have, when I had the chance, still, hear me out, from wherever you are." The words came as clearly for me to speak as the stars shine brightly in the night sky. "You were the most important person in my life. You were there for me when no one else was, conforted me, you were the best friend I should ever deserve. Now you are gone, I know you will be forever in my heart. Thank you for everything, sorry I couldn't do more. I love you." The song 'Heart Shaped Box' by Nirvana started playing as the coffin where my mother layed was lowered carefully down the freshly dug hole for her burial. I simply watched, after making the short speech, no other words needed for the cerimony.
  2. Never in my already lousy life could I imagine what'd happened to poor Patty. She, of all people, did not deserve this ending. She was young, beautiful, loving, had conquered the hearts of so many, someone I looked up to. But certainly someone I couldn't live up to. Not with my messed up past, uncertain future and tormented present. She was free, she could do as she pleased with her life, she could have minded her own business, but she didn't. Instead, she chose to reach out to me, give a helping hand to one in need, with me only to block her path and completely conceal her future.
  3. I felt the warmth of a person's touch as they wrapped their arm around me. I turned to face my intruder. "Come now Kaede, you must be tired." said my so called 'counselor' Mrs Grace. She was assigned to me by some sort of organisation for youth, and she was to stay with me at all times until other people decided what was to be of my future. This I did not like one bit, but it was either Mrs Grace, or I'd be sent straight to the orphanage. And I was not just about to give up my freedom for the next two years, I was much too proud to allow that. Was this what Patty had raised me to become? No, I didn't think so. "Yes, let's go. I can't stand another minute here." I looked down to Patty, bid my last goodbyes to her and left the sadistic funeral without another word.
  4. The downside of having a private counselor like this is that you actually have to live with them. After Patty's death, I wasn't allowed to live on my own in my own house, the house I'd grown up in, spent my whole life in. The humuliation to me was such that I was very nearly running away for good, not caring where the hell I'd end up. But I didn't. Something held me back, I cannot say for sure what it was, but it felt strong enough for me to give in. It'd started raining just as we reached the silver Corsa parked on the other side of the road. Mrs Grace opened the left front seat door for me, I held it open and sunk on my seat, fastening my seat belt on and shutting the sort of wet door. While I did all this she was already on the right side, going for the steering wheel. "All buckled up?" she asked turning to face me, smiling. I could see she was trying to cheer me up, but today of all days she would not be able to do so. I shrugged, she rode off into the road.
  5. Shivering a little bit, I turned up the heating in the car. It was a silent ride, the odd questions asked by Mrs Grace alone, and my one-word-only answers. It didn't take long for me to realise we were taking the long way home, the way past my old school, old home and the restaurant I used to go with Patty the most. Was she doing this on purpose? Before we reached the house, I quickly got my iPod out from my black leather bag, put on some loud heavy metal music and just closed my eyes. Moving into a new house meant moving into a new school. New school meant new drama to deal with. The last thing I needed for the next few months was drama, personally I hated the stuff.
  6. "Kaede, look now, this is the school you'll be moving to next Monday."Mrs Grace had tapped me on the shoulder lightly. I opened my eyes and turned to face where she pointed at. Sure enough, the building looked big and mighty, but had a mysterious aspect, the kind you get when you watch a detective film and the 'killer' is first introduced as a character. It's like you can feel he's the culprit, yet you can't help but wonder on his being. He can be, sometimes, the most interesting character in the scene, you just have to look closely. As traffic moved on, I was not able to look closely enough. The things I could point out, however, are one broken window, several painting errors round the outside and another building annexed to the school's. It occurred to me that it could simply be another part of the school, but it just seemed different.
  7. Upon arriving, my first act was to open the fridge and fix myself a beverage. So basically I went to the fridge, got a Cherry Coke and ran up to my room. It just so happened Mrs Grace lived with her husband and their 22 year old son, but he'd moved out recently to try the career of a rock star with his goofy band. I was lucky to have his room now though, I mean it could be worse. I looked around at my surroundings. The walls were painted black, so you could totally tell that the guy who lived here was hardcore. There in the corner was his old amp, by that a dark computer desk, which now contained my laptop, a wardrobe as big as the one in that Narnia film and a single bed on the other side. Simple, but I liked it.
  8. Switching songs on my iPod I collapsed on the bed and sighed. How dearly I wished not to have been born sometimes! I clicked open the can of Coke and hydrated myself. I put the can aside, shuffling and turning on the bed. Only then did I realise I was still in my funeral clothing. I jumped up from my bed and ran accross to the wardrobe's drawers, pulling out some skinny jeans, the usual black tank top and bright green hoodie. I got changed and went next door to the bathroom to get my hair brush, only to find myself face to face with that treacherous mirror, always showing all my bad features.
  9. Messy, sticking out jet black hair, horrid and dialated black eyes, light skin showered on by makeup jumped back at me as I looked back at the mirror.Ugh. On the sink, that's where the brush was. I quickly grabbed it and half brushed what was left of my hair, fixed my horrible makeup and went back to my room.
  10. Coming in, I looked straight at the old amplifier, and felt rather tempted. But my guitar was out of bounds, put away somewhere in my home. Probably the garage, Patty usually kept it there. I didn't have long to pack, only the essentials really, the laptop I brought out of habit. I did not feel quite myself without it around. You see, people have different addictions and tastes for electronics, mine happens to be the laptop. One thing I never understood was why people tend to prefer their phones over TVs or computers, to text and call other people. I don't find the necessity to do that all the time. Maybe this guy left at least an acoustic guitar in his room? I began to rumage through his things, went deep to the back of the huge wardrobe, and what do you know, he did keep a guitar in there. I yanked it out through my things messed up with some of his, and pulled it for a closer look.
  11. It was kinda dusty, but seemed pretty sturdy. It was deep red in colour, and had some initials carved onto it, but otherwise wasn't damaged. I played a few strums on it, to get a feel of it and an idea of the type of sound it was producing. A bit off key, but easily fixed with me as its player. And then I just played. I put my iPod back on, turning the volumes to a minimum, and played along with the songs I listened to. It was the most pleasant afternoon I'd had since the incident. I was feeling happier, a huge improvement in my case.

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