Does your crush like you back?

Few crushes are the perfect matches. There is that very special occasion, though, when crushes end up being together forever, whether it's as besties or more than that!

I hope everyone is able to achieve what they want to achieve! But even if you don't, just call up the LoveDoctor and I'll give you advice for whatever LoveIssue you've got!!! :)

Created by: LoveDoctor
  1. Do you find yourself staring, drooling, going googly eyed when you see your crush?
  2. Do you find your crush staring, drooling, going googly eyed when they see you?
  3. Do you see a sparkle in your crush's eyes when you talk to them?
  4. How many things do you and your crush have in common?
  5. Does your crush get awkward when he/she is around you?
  6. How long have you two known each other?
  7. Does your crush know you like them?
  8. Do you get all nervous and awkward and make random run-on sentences when you see your crush?
  9. Could you spend a whole day with no one but your crush on a deserted island and not spill your crush on him/her?
  10. Would you consider yourself...
  11. Are you friends with your crush?
  12. Is your crush super popular?
  13. Are you super popular? Honestly?
  14. If your crush told you they like you, what would you do?
  15. Has this quiz been helpful?
  16. FINAL QUESTION: is your crush taking this quiz too?

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Quiz topic: Does my crush like you back?