does he/ she like you

so once you hit like 6th grade, everyone seems to like somebody. its a fact of life and you're gonna wonder if that someone likes you back. although it isn't completely accurate, this quiz may give you an idea exactly what that someone thinks of you.

this quiz is for TWEENS and TEENS that are wondering if their crush likes them back, or if that annoying twerp is just a twerp or has a not-so-secret crush on YOU. oh, and fyi this quiz is just for crushes it doesn't work so well if this person is already your boy/girlfriend (tho it still does work if you want them to be) =p

Created by: Olivia
  1. ok this is really important: do you actually have a person in mind because otherwise this is kinda pointless.
  2. do you hang out with the person a lot
  3. have you ever met that person outside of school
  4. do you actually like this person or are they just an annoying twerp that follows you around
  5. has this person ever tried to make you laugh or blush
  6. do you talk outside of face to face (on the phone or email/im)
  7. have other people ever said he/she likes you
  8. has he/she ever asked or attempted to ask you out
  9. does he/she ever fix their hair, scratch their neck, fix their shirt, or sumthing else similar while around you
  10. last question: do you think this person likes you?

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