How Does he Feel About you?

Have you been wondering whether your crush likes you? This quiz will give you an idea of whether he does, but it won't be completely accurate because I don't know your situation.

I hope you have fun taking my quiz and that it helps you somehow, whether he likes you or not. And I hope you find love someday.

Created by: Tina

  1. Are you friends?
  2. Does he have a girlfriend or like someone?
  3. What is he like when you're talking?
  4. Does it seem like he's different as soon as you walk in the room?
  5. Has he ever complimented you?
  6. Do other people think he likes you?
  7. If you drop your pencil and it lands next to his desk, he would
  8. Why do you like him?
  9. What would he do if you asked him out?
  10. This quiz is just a guess. It isn't accurate. What do YOU think?
  11. This question is completely unrelated and has no effect. Which book series is your favorite?

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