Does He Like You or Not?

Use this quiz as help to figuring out if the boy you like, likes you back. :) This quiz may not be completely accurate, as everyone has their own unique situation, but it may help you to make a decision. Good luck!

Does he like YOU? Does he think about you and care about you as much as you think and care about him? You can use to this quiz to help figure out if this is a possibility!

Created by: penelope

  1. Have you ever turned his direction and found him already looking at you?
  2. Has he ever come up with a stupid reason to talk to you before?
  3. How does he treat you (most of the time)?
  4. Does he treat you the same way as other girls?
  5. Does he ever try to sit near you, or be close to you?
  6. What is his expression when you talk to him?
  7. Does he ever playfully tease you?
  8. Does he ever "touch you" (i.e., holding your hand, poking you, playing footsie...)
  9. Has he ever talked to your friends about you?
  10. Has he ever waited after a class/work/other place you guys hang out for you?

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