Does your crush like you back?

One of the most commonly asked questions and quizzes I see are, "Does he REALLY like me?" Although I don't believe any of these quizzes are entirely accurate, I tried to make mine as accurate as possible. Enjoy.

Does he really like you? Or does he barely know you? Find out in this quiz whether you're in love or if this was a swing and miss. Find out if he likes you back or doesn't know you.

Created by: Zoe

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  1. What does he do when you talk to him?
  2. When you talk to him, what does he do out of the following?
  3. When you're finished talking, how does he respond?
  4. How does he act towards you?
  5. How many times does he start the conversation?
  6. What are your conversations about?
  7. Do you catch him staring at you?
  8. How many things as an estimate do you have in common?
  9. Do you catch him trying to be like you, like trying out some of your ideas?
  10. Does he try to get your attention often?
  11. Does he always seem to be helping you, like with homework, etc.?
  12. Do you trust him?
  13. From the last question, do you think he feels the same way, judging by his behavior?
  14. Do you feel like he understands you?
  15. From the last question, do you think he feel the same way?
  16. How many times do you talk?
  17. Does he try to be around you as much as possible?
  18. Do you feel like you can talk to him about anything?
  19. Can he make you laugh?
  20. Do you really like him? (This affects your results greatly.)
  21. Thanks for taking my quiz. How was it? (Doesn't count towards results.)

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Quiz topic: Does my crush like you back?