Does my crush like me back???

This quiz is about a male crush, so if your crush is female a different quiz may be more adequate. This is a quiz to see if your crush likes you (um... Duh...)

Fir the most part this test is accurate but is not always 100% accurate. It is however, based off of real studies done about men's behavior towards a potential love interest. Enjoy :)

Created by: HLK
  1. How often does he text you/ talk to you online?
  2. When you're talking he:
  3. When you talk, who initiates the convo?
  4. When your around he:
  5. Do you ever catch him staring at you?
  6. If you were to hug him you assume he would:
  7. How often do you talk
  8. When you walk into the room he:
  9. It's cold out and you forgot a sweater he quickly:
  10. Does he often give you compliments?
  11. Does he tease you?

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