life of a teenage vampire part 9

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I am sorry puppet master. I will dedicate this quiz to Puppet. Hopefully she will forgive me, and if she doesn't then... I will just have to try harder until she does!

and the picture is the fire. Ya know, since the house is on fire. I put a lot of special surprises in store for this part tonight. And I put a new result! Plus each result will now have the point of view (POV) of the person you have a crush on, if you have a crush on a person.

Created by: katqueen45

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  1. The smoke was unbearable! It was everywhere, filling up your lungs with the dangerous air. Like any normal person, you went on your knees knowing this listen from kindergarten. You could even almost hear the teacher saying, always go as low as possible during a fire, the air will be close to the ceiling. You screamed over and over, "SOMEONE HELP ME!" and "UNLOCK THE DOOR!" But that just made you cough worse.
  2. Someone did come, but in the smoke it was totally impossible to see who it was. The person didn't seem yo have a key. So the random person punched the bars off and carried you out. "Who are you?" You asked, barely audible because of the screams coming from all around you.
  3. "I'm carter" the person said.
  4. "You're a-" "girl?" Carter interrupted. "Yes" you agreed. "You're so... strong." You said. "I'll take that as a compliment, thanx." Carter said. Then something happened.
  5. Kevin, David, and Rodger tackled Carter all at the same time! "AHH!?!" Carter screamed. "Get off of her!" You screamed at them. "She was helping me, unlike you!" You screamed as you pushed them off of her. "What if she was one of... them and was trying to take you to your doom?" Kevin asked worriedly. "I can trust whoever I want, thank you." You said.
  6. "We didn't mean it like that we just-" Rodger started. "Just didn't trust my oppinion?" You said angrily. You felt your face get hot. Carter stood up. "If I was the bad guy, I would have killed her by now." Carter stated. Everyone looked at her. "I am Carter." Carter said to the guys, knowing they didn't know her name.
  7. Just then, the fire gained up on you all and everyone had to run again. Everyone made it out safely, except you came out falling strait on your face and coughing fitfully with ashes and burn marks all over your body. You were a very slow runner. The guys helped you stand up,barely, and they half carried and half walked you away from they building.
  8. They eventually got tired of walking and David flew you the rest of the way while they rested. You blushed while he and you were alone. "What do you think of Kevin?" He eventually asked. "A bit embarrassed. I accidentally bit him on my first day." You answered. "And rodger?" He asked. "I never really saw him in his merman form and I feel kinda weird when he is around Lucy." You answered again. David looked down, "and... me?" He asked.
  9. "I-i-i-" you looked down. "I barely know you.." you said barely above a whisper. David held your face softly and made you look up at him but didn't hurt you. You looked into his beautiful eyes that were so close yet so far away. Then he kissed you, and you kissed him back. While you two were flying, you had the most perfect kiss.
  11. So... who do ya like?

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