life as a teenage vampire part 1

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Your name is Monica von vanjelina and your mom's name is denice crolidea are 12 and today is the first day of school.your birthday is also tomorrow.and you never knew your dad.

OK just to make this clear,this is not can be older or younger and this is probably not your real name.this is just a fun story.don't you ever want to be a main character or star.this is your chance.

Created by: katqueen45
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  1. Ok. Your name is monica.your best friend is a girl named Rebecca or Becky for are 12 years old but your birthday is tomorrow.and it is the beggining of the school year.
  2. Becky introduces you to two guys."this is Rodger"said Becky pointing to a boy with orange hair and blue eyes."and this is Kevin"said Becky pointing to a boy with blond hair and purple eyes.
  3. You realize you are late for class and and say "bye,sorry i better hurry or I'm going to be late!" Becky,Rodger,and Kevin exchange a nervous look but you don't worry about it to much.
  4. As you walk into class,which is history,you notice everyone is looking at you.maybe its because I'm late you start to think,then you notice a girl with a surprised look on her face,then that look immediately changed into a smirk kind of devilish and start to worry a little. . . .
  5. OK.has this girl never seen a late person?you think."please take your seat miss vanjelina"said miss hackworth,your teacher.-BTW your last name is feel yourself blush a little and you immediately take your seat.
  6. The lunch bell rings after the teacher explained ALL of the rules and you rush into the cafeteria and sit with Becky.then Rodger and Kevin come up to the tell them what happened with melody.that all look at each other nervously,then you really start to worry.would if this melody girl is danger to you,you think.then you remember this is just a school she couldn't harm you.but. . . . .
  7. Before you could think,Rebecca blurts out "COME TO MY HOUSE FOR A SLEEPOVER" she screams.everyone in the cafeteria turns to our table and starts whispering."why" you whisper "because I visited Paris this summer and I miss having you over?" Backy said,more like a question then you agree."i do kind of miss you too" you say.
  8. When your walking home with Becky you notice something or someone is following look back and scream "I KNOW SOMEONES OUT THERE" Becky looks nervous again and you get annoyed "what are you nervous about!?" You ask kind of rudely.then Kevin and Rodger appear in front of you,LITERALLY they actually like appear in front of you like they were invisible!
  9. You scream "AAAAHHHHHHH!" and faint you wake up finding yourself in a room you never seen before."YOUR OKAY!!" Screams a familiar voice."Becky?" you say weakly."where am I"you say."this is my room"says Becky."how long have I been out?"you ask."just an hour" says Becky."where am I??" You ask. "Transylvania" says Becky.
  10. Sorry you have to wait for part two.don't worry I will make it very soon.

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