life as a teenage vampire part 5

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Part five is out!I know what your thinking how did part five come out so soon.I may have rushed it a bit.but please enjoy the story.ugh I still have to type

Why does these stupid introduction paragraphs need two paragraphs?!nobody even reads these,well some do but most people just go strait to the quiz!thanx

Created by: katqueen45
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  1. When you go inside darkar...TRIES TO KILL YOU!well technically he TRIED to kill you."I know what you are,your kind isn't welcomed here" darkar says."what do you mean,you have hundreds of vampires living here!" Screams Becky."but as soon as she walked in I could sense evil,a presence I haven't sensed since ancient times" says darkar will he tries to punch easily dogde it,but when you ducked he ninja kicks you on the legs,making you fall on your face.
  2. "MONICA!" Screams Becky.darkar grabs a samurai sword that's hanging on the wall he holds it up,but something happens."don't killl mee" you say so soothing and soft,before you knew it you were singing a soft tune:"donn't killl mee,leave me bee,look into my eyes,you'll sooon realiiize,you are doing wrong,told by the song" you sing.your voice is so convincing,so beatiful,so manipultive.darkar's eyes turned white "you are a siren" says darkar.
  3. " can't be a siren,Becky said I was a vampire,plus what the heck is a siren???" You ask."you are half siren and half vampire.the sirens in ancient times are three beautiful but dangerous girls.the sirens used their very manipulative voice to make people do negative things.the more bad people were the stronger their voices became,and the farther they could spread their dark magic." Answered darkar."does that mean I'm evil?" You ask. "Of course not.two sirens became good and soon started having numerous children.but the evil siren is the strongest.and the two good sirens couldn't defeat her" answered darkar.
  4. "OK that answers a lot,but I still don't get one thing.where am I and how come I can't go to school,oh AND why is it so dark in here!?" You say. "This place is called the m.i.f.e.m." answered darkar "mifeme?" You ask."monsters institution for endangered monsters." Answered darkar."we help monsters get an edgecation and shelter from humans.we will accept all monsters such as vampires,mummies,ghosts,fairies,zombies,vampires,sirens,werewolves,and a whole lot more" said darkar.
  5. "Thanx.can I leave now?" You ask.silence."umm I asked a question." You say impatiently.still get annoyed."ANSWER ME" you say loudly but soothing."you can go know if you want" answers Becky and darkar at the same turn around to see Becky blushing furiously.
  6. "Good job you are already getting better at charmspeak." Says darkar. "Charmspeak?" You ask."charmspeak is like saying something and getting a person to do what you want." answers darkar."Becky show Monica to her name room,she will be sharing a room with melody.
  7. You got wide-eyed."I remember melody!she was that smirking girl at school!" You say.darkar looks confused."OK umm Monica let me show you room 204" says Becky. She pulls you towards the and Becky walk for awhile until you came soon a hall with four doors on each side and what seems like an elevator at the end of the walked while counting 198..199..200..201..202..203..204!
  8. You step inside.Becky says "bye!" And heads for the elevator.the room was had three personnal bathrooms and two giant TV's!it also had two bunk beds!
  9. A girl walks out the bathroom with a towel on her head and her figured that must be melody.she noticed you and her face turned red."I wasn't expecting you until tomorrow!" she screamed as she ran back in the bathroom and shut the door.not the best way to meet someone you think to yourself.
  10. Cliffhanger!well tell in the comments what you want the rest of the story to be like.I am starting to have a bad case of writer's block,and I can't even think of an ending.

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