life as a teenage vampire part 2

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OK in my first as story,I forgot to tell you,whatever is in between this: - ,means I'm saying it,almost like I'm talking to you this is not a quiz,it is a story.

If you are wondering about the part two thing,then you need to take part 1.I really really really really really really really hope you like the story.

Created by: katqueen45

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  1. OK last time you were in Transylvania in your best friend's room.
  2. OK last time you were in Transylvania in your best friend's room.
  3. OK last time you were in Transylvania in your best friend's room.
  4. OK sorry for the same questions three times before,I don't know how it does that.
  5. "TRANSLYVANIA!?!" you scream."yeah sorry I have to kind of explain this to you"said Becky apologeticly."how did I get here?"you ask somewhat calmly."I flew you here"says Becky,even more apologeticly."how can you fly,that's like impossible" you say."this MUST be a joke" you say while standing up.then something happens.Becky was now lit up almost like fire but its just light and have to cover your face with your hands because its so bright.after the light dies down there stood Becky,but she wasn't Becky,she was Becky with fairy wings and she had on a beautiful dress.
  6. "YOUR A MONSTER!!!" You scream,so loud Kevin and Rodger rushed in."where's the fire"said Rodger.Kevin and Rodger explode with laughter."b-b-becky you are not supposed to be real,this MUST be a dream"you say as calmly as possible.Becky looks like she was about to cry,and then she does."oh my gosh,I'm so sorry I didn't mean to hurt your feelings"you say apolegeticly.Becky flies out the window with her wings.
  7. Silence fills the room."so,"says Rodger to break the silence."anyone up for a swim?" "What are you,a merman?how could you even think about swimming at a time like this?did you notice Becky is an unreal creature???"you say criticly."wow you must be physicic or something." Says Rodger."what do you mean" you say."I am a merman" says Rodger proudly.
  8. "OK this is too much,explain please." You say calmly while you sit back on the bed. "OK Rodger is a merman and rebecca is a fairy,and I'm a demigod,and we don't know what you are yet" says Kevin. "You are a demigod,as in half god and half human!?!?" You say. "Yeah you must be a fast learner" says Kevin happily. "Which god is your other half?" You say. "I don't know" says Kevin sadly.
  9. OK sorry that's the end I will make part three as soon as possible.
  10. Do yo u like this story so far?

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