Which Female Cartoon Heartthrob are You?

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Do you remember the first crush you ever had? As children we mostly grew up pumped up with Saturday mornings cartoons. From Danny Phantom, to Scooby Doo. As we grew up we realized that we were more than just a little fond of some characters, and certain characters stood out more than others.

This quiz takes some of those iconic female characters we all had crushes on as a kid and poses on simple question.. which one are you? With dozens of iconic characters, we chose 12 of some of most memorable cartoon crushes to help you find out which one you would be.

Created by: Mintvoyager
  1. You regularly make new friends
  2. You have a hard time finishing projects you start before moving onto another project
  3. You are extremely curious about "what if?" questions.
  4. You find it easy to empathize with people who's experiences are very different than yours
  5. You rarely feel insecure
  6. You take great care to make sure others feel good
  7. You usually prefer just doing what you feel like at any given moment instead of following a routine.
  8. You often wonder how long it'll take for people to become disappointed by you
  9. You don't spend a lot of time exploring philosophical or abstract concepts.
  10. You feel best when sharing your energy with others
  11. You believe the needs of others outweigh your own
  12. People would describe you as being very in the moment
  13. You would enjoy a spontaneous trip with little to no prior planning
  14. Even the smallest mistake can cause you to doubt your abilities

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