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  • end is nigh
    "Awesome! Do you have a specific cover you're excited to do? I'll have more time to do collaborative work in a few months if you want to do s..."
  • end is nigh
    "What are you working on 👀"
  • Hi everyone.
    "Big hugs. We're all here for you. Take as much time as you need and remember that you're never a burden to us. love you bunches and hope eve..."
  • Thing
  • The skyward bar
    "Jk I'm good lol. I am just wondering how you stay in business"
  • The skyward bar
    "Oh I see. I'll take the "nonalcoholic alcohol" then pls ;)"
  • "No problem."
  • We Are The Ants
  • h e a t . w a v
    "Gotta take the cats to my parents house now. Pets are allowed but they only know about one of them because the additional pet rent is $150 a..."
  • h e a t . w a v
    "Supposed to be at least 24 hours :/"
  • h e a t . w a v
    "Thank you landlords for the whole 12 hour notice of an inspection 🙄"
  • We Are The Ants
    "M u n c h"
  • We Are The Ants
    " Hello fellow ants! I have located s"
  • h e a t . w a v
    "I love modest mouse "
  • "Congratulations 💕"

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