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  • "this is for Jack meloche..."
  • "my friend wants to talk to you. she asked me to post this link for her. LotsOfLOVE! "
  • sign in
    "logging on randomly again"
  • sign in
    "just log in on this post..."
  • The Coldest Sun
    "thank you."
  • "please delete all posts by GinnyWeasleyBi. i will be checking out of GoToQuiz forever. i am sorry for harassing someone and for seeming tran..."
  • The Coldest Sun
    "please delete all posts by GinnyWeasleyBi."
  • The Coldest Sun
    "im deleting gotoquiz forever... see you guys never. ..."
  • "has anybody ticked someone off today... i ticked off the mods... someone help me! if you look at my recent posts, i was just explaining myse..."
  • Post a poll
    "it was supposed to be a poll..."
  • The Coldest Sun
    "so if i go say sorry right now, you wont delete all my stuff? just one more post if that is necessary?"
  • The Coldest Sun
    "im super sorry, she asked me a question and i answered. i wont post again."
  • Stuff
    "bye. this conversation is going public."
  • Sakura No Hato
    "vous êtes des salopes"
  • Sakura No Hato
    "sorry. i was just explaining myself, LIKE YOU ASKED. la vie la vie la vie.tu n'es pas gentil. tu m'as littéralement demandé de "

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