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  • You choose
    "(K) Chloe noticed Sienna looked sad,so she asked,”Sienna?Is there a problem or anything?Can I help?”"
  • anyone wanna rp
    "(Sorry guys I had a vacation I’m back)"
  • You choose
    "When the bell rang,Chloe immediately sprang up,grabbed her bag,and headed for the cafeteria,looking for Sienna.When she finally found her,sh..."
  • "Ok Ik I accidentally use your account all of the time but >:("
  • "Average stop pretending to be me >:( just bc you’re my best friend doesn’t mean you can pretend to be me all of the time"
  • "Good job on getting 36/40 in top forty!"
  • "I’m so proud of you my sussy potato👍"
  • anyone wanna rp
    "(Adding on I accidentally pressed submit lol) Luckily,her best friend,Aaron was also there.He gave her a wink and shouted,”May I have "
  • anyone wanna rp
    "Alastor couldn’t remember anything.It was just a blurry haze,then she fell into hell.Everyone was starting at her.It was like class presenta"
  • anyone wanna rp
    "Ok nvm you go first pebbles"
  • anyone wanna rp
  • anyone wanna rp
    "I’ll start!"
  • anyone wanna rp
    "yeah,it’s ok!"
  • You choose
    "“Mr Potts?” Chloe said,looking a bit offended.”Is he the film studies teacher?Well,I’m sure I can still pass film studies.”"
  • anyone wanna rp
    "like,angel and demon are mostly the same thing just different setting until we get to earth"

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